Fabric Qualities

100% Cotton : White, Dyed, Printed
16x16/ 60x60  any width
24x24/ 60x60
30x30/ 76x68
40x40/ 100x80 

T-250, T-300, T-350, T-400 , T-500 with plain & Cotton Satin

Poly Cotton (52%48%) ( Free Ratio)  White, Dyed, Printed
36x36/ 76x52
30x30/ 76x62
40x40/ 100x80

TC-180, TC-250, TC-300, TC-400 in Plain & Sateen Weave

Flannel, Sheeting Fabric, Pocketing Fabric, Work wear, Twill, Duck, Half Panama, Full Panama

Jacquard Fabric , Canvas Fabric, Micro Fabric, 

Also can be produce any special quality as per required standards